Create Safe and Compliant Content, Effectively
Market Your Company: Social Media for Financial Services

Regulators have guidelines for social media communications, and for good reason - to ensure an honest and fair marketplace.
Your prospects and clients need to know, like and trust your products and services, and straightforward messages are the key.
Make sure every message you and your representatives communicate through social media is compliant and compelling.

"…designed with the needs of regulated industries, like finance, in mind." - Forbes

The Challenges:

  • All communications must be recorded and retained.
  • It’s difficult to monitor employee conversations on the social web in order to meet suitability guidelines.
  • Firms must supervise interactive electronic communications including social media.
  • Securing social for employees or advisors presents a unique challenge.
  • Managing all of this across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees is a huge challenge.

The Consequences:

  • Violation of federal guidelines.
  • Violation of company policy.
  • Loss of control of corporate accounts.
  • Reputation damage.
  • Embarrassment.
  • Fines & penalties.

A Better Way: Enjoy Big Marketing Gains, Lower Your Risk

  • Locking down social media won’t work and it just puts you at a disadvantage. Bring all of your sales and marketing channels, and their communications, into one cohesive and compliant view. Make sure you have your policies, guidelines and audit capabilities in place so you can meet FFIEC, FINRA and SEC standards. Your financial advisors, loan officers, marketing team, field leaders and executives need the structure and peace of mind to market and sell effectively.

    SocialVolt is already used by leading financial services firms. The benefits are numerous:

    • Simple social media publishing, moderation and account management.
    • Supervise social publishing to prevent inaccurate, malicious or profane content.
    • Complete backup & archive to meet your record keeping requirements.
    • All activity is written to audit trails for easy reference.
    • Account security allows you to enable authors and reviewers on corporate accounts without ever revealing account credentials.

Five Ways SocialVolt Makes Your Social Media Communications More Efficient


Marketing team members and compliance officers work more quickly and more precisely.


Executives with legal and financial liability gain more confidence and clarity.


SocialVolt solutions experts provide on-going training and staff support.


Success is measured and monitored using concrete variables such as tweets, mentions, likes, shares – and sales.


You get a compliant workflow where messages are created, moderated and approved – by the right people, in one location.

Rest assured that your social medial channels are in check and that your messages meet all regulatory guidelines. With SocialVolt, you have one location to manage social engagement, collaboration, listening and reporting across your enterprise.